Yubikey a new way of Multi Factor Authentication

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Yubikey is a featured and secured device that provides two factor authentication. While most of the population is using password + OTP OR password + Push notification generated by an app on your phone to validate the authentication. Using Yubikey two factor authentication can be simply done by pressing a button on your yubikey device.

What is Yubikey

Yubikey devices are built with a unique code,which is used to generate codes that confirms the user’s identity. Once you plug the yubikey in your laptop or phone and press the button you are logged in. Yubikey is the only hardware in the market that provides two factor authentication.

How to use yubikey and what is Two Factor Authentication

Nowadays passwords are not secured and it can be compromised easily. For security reasons relying on a password is not a good idea hence two factor authentication OR 2FA came into existence. In two factor authentication a user needs to authenticate himself in two ways: you type password and OTP received on email or sms. Here with the help of yubikey you just need to plug the yubikey in your laptop or mobile and need to press a button and authentication is done.

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How does Yubikey work

Yubikey can be used with multiple devices.You just need to plug your yubikey into any computer and press the button.Once you logged in you just need to remove the yubikey from laptop or desktop. Please note  that yubikey doesn’t store username and password within it.Yubikeys has added an extra layer in terms of authentication and privacy.

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